image“I hate my mother! I hate my biological father! I hate all those who have wronged me! I hate the world! I hate GOD! I hate myself!  Why Me?”

For years the statements above were my life story. It is what I told myself over and over again and only created more anger, resentment and rage inside of me. I was a victim to my own self sabotage, holding myself captive, pleading to anyone who would listen to save me. At first, I thought I was asking for saving from my horrible parents and life, but in retrospect I know now I needed saving from myself. I understand now that though what my parents did, others did and what happened to me was wrong, I was not letting go and I was allowing myself to constantly be hurt by the past. I kept pulling off the bandages and scabs and not allowing my wounds to heal.

Now, my wounds are healing are yes some may leave ugly scars but I am learning now to accept them. They are a part of my story but in a more positive way. They are the reason why I am who I am and why I am so passionate about my purpose and vision.  I know why the caged bird sings…because it longs to be free/because nobody can take singing away from it/ because it does it so well. When I hear stories of resilience and perseverance like Maya Angelo, Oprah and Angela Davis just to name a few, I am so inspired! These woman turned their hate, hurt, wounds, scars into passion. They inspire me to do the same. I turned my hate, hurt, wounds and scars into something positive—I want to motivate and inspire others to find passion in their pain. I want to help others persevere and strengthen their resilient bones and overcome their obstacles and fears and pursue their passions and dreams.

This is what Serenity Reigns is all about, its not just a blog or natural health products, it’s a movement! A movement to inspire all who want to join this journey to move from being victims into Victors!

Are you down with the movement? Share your Victim or Victor story! Even if you have not reached a full victory yet share your healing journey! It is therapeutic, cathartic and and healing for you and others!