My Abundance plant: Started off as 7 small lima beans that I planted with each seed representing something that I wanted to manifest in my Abundant Life (Love, peace, happiness, healing, harmony, balance & authenticity). It is one physical representation of abundance in my life. It reminds me to live abundantly!

We all heard this old saying before, but have you really sat down and analyzed how true this statement is and how it shows up in your life? I did this recently and this Karmic energy  makes so much sense! Whatever seed you plant it will come to fruition and manifest in some way in your life. This proverb seems so simple but so complicated to put into action. If you ever wondered why everything or everyone around you is negative, take time to reflect on what you  are putting out in the world and you will understand why you are surrounded by so much negativity. We can not get love, peace or happiness in our life if we keep surrounding ourselves around and planting negative seeds. Negativity does not cultivate love, peace or happiness. In order to cultivate an ABUNDANCE of love, peace and happiness–we must search deep within ourselves and find out what those words truly mean and plant those meanings in our life in order to manifest a lifestyle that produces the fruit that represent what we truly want and deserve!

Whatever you want in life you can have! If you believe it, cultivate it and stay true to it you will achieve it! If you want to have the job of your dreams, first affirm it to be yours, next pray pray pray and mediate, then do the research to see what you need to do to make it happen, next set realistic goals and timeline(start small), and finally sit back and watch your seeds take root and grow. Before you know it you will have a beanstalk in front of you! Using my life as an example, I recently was having a sad moment because I was comparing my life to one of my friends. In order to get myself out of my funk, I decided to write down everything I wanted to accomplish, then I gave myself a timeline. This inspired me to reflect on my life and all the goals and aspirations I made in the past. I had an epiphany; everything that I wanted, asked for or aspired to do I accomplished! I realized that graduating from college with no student loans, traveling the world, starting a business, and being able to stay home with my children were aspirations that I prayed for and worked hard to obtain. This was so enlightening and inspiring that it allow me to fight the funk.  My faith has grew tremendously from this!

If you are experiencing a challenging storm right now, just REMEMBER: Everything that you are going through now is preparing you for what your heart truly desires! Ride the wave* and use this time to reflect on your life and the seeds that you planted and what you want to plant.  Watch what you ask for (or plant) because it will come true, maybe not in the form that your expect, but expect that every seed you plant will come into fruition (this goes for positive and negative seeds)! Be grateful  and claim abundance! I love you all, and I pray that you get everything that your heart desires! I also would love to hear about what you think about this post and where you are in your journey’s, so please respond and use the reflection questions as a guideline if you wish!

*Riding the wave is a phrase used in yoga meaning even when a posture or life is challenging, see the posture/life event through and you will see in the end that pain/discomfort is temporary. And when you stay on the wave it will carry you to the shore and you will be a better, stronger and more enlightened person with a lesson learned!

**This also applies to relationships: pay attention to the people you surround yourself with. Are your relationships serving you? Are your relationships toxic (more on toxic relationships in a future post). If you want/need better relationships surround yourself with the people who you want to be around and serve a purpose!


  1. What does “reaping what you sow” mean to you? How do you apply it to your life?
  2. What seeds do you want to plant?
  3. What is holding you back from planting and cultivating what you want in life?
  4. What kind of relationships are you surrounding yourself with?
  5. Are you riding the wave? If so, how do you maintain during the storm? If not, what are some things you are willing to try to ride the wave?
  6. What advice do you have for anyone who be may experiencing difficulty in manifesting what they want in their lives?
  7. How does sowing seeds of positivity manifest harmony and better relationships?

One thought on “Reaping What You Sow

  1. Riding the wave is a concept that I can definitely identify with when it comes to the physical activity of posturing and stance however sometimes I think when applying this to my emotional stance and/or posturing I lose balance when riding the wave because, in a sense, I get caught up in the current. I tend to focus on what needs to take place externally on order for my circumstances to flourish as opposed to what it is that I can do in each moment to stay afloat and on topmost the wave. Definitely am going to try to be more proactive in preparing for and foreseeing waves that may be in route. Do you know of any naturopathic ways to increase focus or emotional stability?

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