In doing one of my endless midnight Pintrest/Google searches, that seem like being sucked into a black hole, I found this great idea for my best friend who is expecting her first child. She already got everything that she needed for the baby, so I was excited to have fun with the gift that I gave her. So I made….

Drum roll Please….

A new mommy survival kit!!!

new mommy kit

While making her gift I realized that I needed this kit myself and I’m sure many moms would appreciate this survival kit. In the Survival Kit are several objects that remind you of something important, here is what I put in her bag which I believe are the 7 most essential items.

(Disclaimer: these items are meant to be kept as reminders, like to put on an altar or sacred space away from the children, someone in the house where you will see it everyday, or in a sandwich baggie to carry in your bag. But some of these items may serve dual purposes and come in handy, especially if you carry it around with you!)

  1. Rubber band– to remind you that flexibility is key and to stretch to new limits. Motherhood requires flexibility because our lives with our little boogers can be unpredictable. It can also double as a hair tie for you or the kids hair when you are out and about you need to get your hair out of your face.
  1. Toothpicks– to remind you to pick out the good moments in every day. It can also be useful when you have something in your teeth.
  2. Eraser- to remind you that every mom makes mistakes. Also, comes in handy when helping with homework and your child lost all the other erasers.
  3. Tissue– to wipe away you and the baby’s/child’s tears. Having a pack of tissue on hand is always a great idea because someone nose is always running, something is always being spilt, and faces and hands always get dirty and needs to be wiped and sometimes you either forget the baby wipes or you run out and you need a backup.
  4. Puzzle Piece– to remind you that you are an important piece in your child’s life and journey. Also, could be used as a way to keep the little one busy by letting them trace it, pretend that it’s a horse or other animal, or when all else fails use it as a chew toy…lol…(just kidding about the last one unless it’s a chewable/edible puzzle piece!)
  5. Lifesavers– for one of those days when you just had enough, you forgot to brush your teeth, you forgot to eat and need a quick snack, and/or the kids are winning so you give them one so you can have some silence. (notice how I intentionally typed and/or because all these things can happen simultaneously…smdh)
  6. Bath Salts– to remind you that you are important too and self-care in vital, so go take a hot bath and rub this salts all over your achy body and you will feel refreshed afterwards.

Other items that could be included:

  1. Aromatherapy Candle or Oil– to go along with the bath salts and that nice bath you are about in indulge in. Lavender is the perfect scent for a relaxing bath. If you need a pick me up then use citrus or lemongrass. If you have a headache then peppermint will be your best friend. 
  2. Lotion– to help soften the rough patches
  3. Hershey Kisses– for you and the baby, you both deserve them
  4. Paper Clip– to hold things together when they seem disorganized
  5. Bandage– to help fix hurt feelings
  6. Match– to light your fire when you feel burnt out
  7. Earplugs– to help when you can’t hear
  8. Gum– to remind you to stick with and you can accomplish anything!
  9. Marbles– to replace the ones you will lose!
  10. Battery– to keep you going and going and going and going and going and going…
  11. String– to tie things together when everything is falling apart
  12. A shot glass– after a long day and the kiddies are sleeping and all else fails and you have and need a quick relief
  13. Washcloths– to help you wash your problems away! Only if it was that simple, I would hoard washcloths…but then that would make me a washcloth hoarder, which is a problem within itself…then my family will leave me in the house with my washcloths because there is no room for them to sleep…then I will lose the cat that I never had who somehow mysteriously got into my house and got buried under all those damn washcloths…then I will be on TLC extreme hoarding…then all my business will be aired for the whole world to see…then I will be kinda famous…wait wait wait this just got out of hand…lol….hoarding washcloths to wash away my problems seems counterproductive!!! I will just keep one washcloth on my altar and one in my sandwich baggie survival travel kit. 


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