Hello my name is Serenity Rain and I have emotionally immature tendencies. I’m not gonna fully claim emotional immaturity because I’m pretty emotionally mature given my upbringing and circumstances, so I will give myself credit for that…BAM!!! For the most part, I’m in tune with my emotions, sometimes too in tuned, my family calls me sensitive and emotionally and for a long time I carried that negative connotation with me and it became a self fulfilling prophecy. However, I’ve learned over the years that being sensitive and emotional is not necessary a bad thing, you just have to be aware of it, accept it and attune it. Thinking of my sensitive nature and emotionality in a negative light seemed to bring out the not so good parts, the ugly expression, the emotional immaturity. Now, at 31 I’m done with that because it no longer serves me. At points in my life my emotional immaturity served as a defense mechanism to protect my ego against the harshness of reality. But, now I know life doesn’t happen to me, I make choices and decisions, both unconscious and conscious.

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