Apples are not the only food you should eat a day to keep the doctor away. Eat these 13 foods everyday and your body, mind and gut with love you!!!

Avocados ~ are a fun food to eat, they’re nutritious, and they’re a good source of monounsaturated fat, which can reduce your risk of heart disease. LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol can lower when replacing the saturated fat with one avocado a day. They can be added to smoothies in the morning, spreaded on toast in the afternoon, or added to a salad for dinner. Learn more at:

Bananas ~ help you reach your weight-loss goals, keep your bowels healthy, provide nutrients that regulate heart rhythm and have vitamin compounds for eye health. A naturally sweet and versatile treat, that can be added to smoothies, frozen for a banana Popsicle or just grab and go.  Learn more at:

Blueberries ~ packed with huge health benefits in a tiny package! They are mostly known for their high antioxidant benefit. They are have a phytonutrient in them called anthocyanins that not only have antioxidant benefits but give blueberries their blue pigment. Eating blueberries regularly helps fend off heart disease, cancer and brain aging. Learn more at:

Chia Seeds ~ these tiny seeds pack a powerful punch and are among the healthiest foods on the planet. They’re loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain. They’re packed with fiber and deliver a massive amount of nutrients and antioxidants with very few calories. Learn more at:

Coconut Oil ~ A tablespoon or 2 of coconut oil a day goes a long way. Coconut oil can help with weight lose, boost your energy, curb your appetite, regulate your digestion, improves your memory and concentration, treat and prevent urinary tract infections, ward off neurodegenerative diseases, kills bacteria that causes bad breath, naturally whiten your teeth, helps relieve dry mouth, protects your liver and your pancreas, and many many many more. So, why you still standing there go take your spoonful of coconut oil right now, I know I am!!! Learn more at:

Cranberries ~ Containing the highest amount of antioxidant, they have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, detoxifying and cleansing properties. They are best know for the treatment and prevention of Uniary Tract Infections, but they also are very beneficial for our gut flora and heart. Learn more at:

Dark Leafy Greens ~ Think green when it comes to health…the darker the green pigment the more rich it is with phytonutrients. Eating daily doses of dark leafy greens are beneficial for your entire body. They are high in B vitamins (especially folate), iron and have anti-aging and diabetes fighting properties. Learn more at:

Fermented Foods or Drinks ~ Your gut will love you so much if you eat fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi or drinks like kombucha or kefir. These probiotic rich foods are heaven sent for your microbiome aka gut bacteria because they produce their own enzymes which help you digest your food better and supply a healthy dose of B-vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. I love drinking Kombucha and try to drink it everyday, if I don’t I make sure I take my probiotic supplement. Learn more at:

Flax Seeds ~ high in omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds are good for your mood, brain, heart and gut. If you are dealing with depression, flax seeds are your go to, research has found a link between intake of foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and a reduction in depression. They are also are heart level and can lower your cholesterol levels by 50%. I add flaxseeds to my oatmeal every morning. Learn more at:

Garlic ~ Eating garlic regularly is not only good for us; it has been linked to reducing or even helping to prevent four of the major causes of death worldwideincluding heart disease, stroke, cancer and infections. Learn more at:

Honey ~ aka liquid gold (besides breastmilk of course, which is also liquid gold…lol), Honey contains a treasure chest of hidden nutritional and medicinal value for centuries. The sweet golden liquid from the beehive is a popular kitchen staple loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties that has been used since the early days of Egyptian tombs. Learn more at:

Pumpkin Seeds ~ This crunchy and satisfying healthy snack is rich source of tryptophan, magnesium and zinc. If you need a restful night sleep, eat some pumpkins seeds before bed, the tryptophan in the pumpkin seeds turns into serotonin and melanin in our body. Pumpkin seeds have anti-diabetic properties and can aid in insulin regulation. Learn more at:

Seaweed ~ one of the richest plant sources of calcium, raw or sun dried seaweed contains: high protein content from 20% in green algae to 70% in spirulina; high mineral content (iodine, calcium, iron and magnesium); more vitamin C than oranges; anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. My kids and I love to eat seaweed chips, they are so freaking delicious and nutritious! Learn more at:

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