If you are reading this, it means I finally have swallowed my pride and conquered one of my fears (and I’m sure I will conquer more along the way). Serenity Reigns is a manifestation of my journey towards healing, harmony & balance. Along the way, my vision is to inspire, motivate and help others who may be experiencing similar challenges. I have been impregnated with this idea for a long time now and finally I have given birth.

Serenity Reigns will start off as a blog documenting my thoughts throughout my journey as a mother in addition to finding myself and serenity. I will also post 21-day, 12 month, and seasonal challenges. My biggest hope is that people start conversations about the issues that I bring forth. My aspiration is for Serenity Reigns to become a community for people to give as well as receive insight, love, joy and of course Serenity! My vision is that Serenity Reigns will manifest into my entrepreneurial venture to heal through my holistic products and services!

To assist you in navigating the site here are brief descriptions of each section:

~My Journey: learn more about me and my Serenity Reigns journey

~Mommy Confessions: getting real about juggling motherhood and my quarter-life crisis

~Nature’s Nectar: want to learn the natural way to heal, get outside and crack open nature’s medicine cabinet

~Healing: forgiveness, heart journey, self-love and everything else that heals the body, mind & soul

~Harmony: Relationships, Relationships & Relationships (friendships, romantic and family)

~Balance: what is homeostasis and how do we achieve and maintain it on daily basis

~Challenge Yourself: activities that assist you in taking the steps towards change

~Store: The creation of my hobbies are for sale, I create inspirational t-shirts/paintings/jewelry, aromatherapy candles/bath salts/body scrubs and whatever else my heart desires

~Events: Every now and then I will either host or promote an event & YOU’RE INVITED!!! If you have time come check them out

So, brew a nice cup of tea, relax and explore!

Healing, Harmony & Balance

 ♥ Serenity Rain ♥