This poem is so true!!! When I reflect on all my relationships/friendships over the past 10 years, I realize how this resonates in my life! I have people who have come into my life for reasons and initially when the relationship/friendship ended I was devastated but now when I reflect on it I understand for the most part what reason they served and I can learn from that, be thankful and grow. Some people have come in my life for a season and sometimes the relationship/friendship is drawn out past its seasonal end date because I was trying to hold onto something that was not suppose to last, I also learned from those relationships/friendships and I am still grieving some of those relationships/friendships but I realize more each day that both the relationship/friendship and the end of the relationship/friendship was a blessing and lesson and soon I will let go fully and move on. Then I have my friendships/relationships, that have stood the test of time and I just know are lifetimes. We may endure our ups and downs but no matter what I can depend on and count on them! 

When it’s time to let go, let go! Some relationships/friendships are way pass their reason and/or seasonal expiration! It’s ok to let go, grieve the relationship, realize the blessings and lessons and then move on so that you can grow!!! Every relationship/friendship is no suppose to be for a lifetime, but definitely cherish those ones that have stood the test of time! You know in your heart and soul which relationships/friendships fall into reason, season or lifetime! 
So, my question to you is: 
What about your friends…do they stand their ground, do they let you down”
As you reflect on your relationships/friendships can you identify your reasons, seasons & lifetimes? 
Are you holding onto relationships/friendships that is not serving a purpose in your life or giving you life? 
Have you confused reasons and seasons for lifetimes? 
Do you need to do some spring cleaning and let go of some expired reasons and seasons?
Do you cherish your lifetimes? 


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